Rules for admitting to service customers who are not newly created organizations.

1. BOOST creates and maintains an operating environment free from fraud and abuse of any kind. Our mission is to create a healthy business environment driven by a healthy entrepreneurial spirit. In this regard, we maintain a clean environment and do not admit companies that do not comply with this fundamental principle.

2. BOOST Business Tuning Atelier is committed to a legally compliant, transparent business and uses the same ethical standards for both its transactions and customer transactions. We apply uniform requirements for registration in accounting and reporting of business transactions of clients and our own.

3. We do not accept clients who engage in illegal activities of any kind for service, and we stop serving such clients if information about their illegal activities becomes known to us.

4. We do not accept clients whose business model is based on capitalizing on massive consumer deception and illegal use of personal data.

5. The client can fully use all the atelier services, if the client's activity and the state of accounting do not create risks for our company and its business.

6. Since business artifacts and some of our other products are sensitive to data quality, and reliable and honest reporting indicators are needed for the functioning of a business playhouse, we guarantee the quality and reliability of accounting and reporting only for the period during which we provided this service to the client.

7. If a client who is not a newly created organization has expressed a desire to purchase artifacts, join a business playhouse and become our client, there are two joining options for him:

  • joining from the date of connection to our shared service centers. In this case, we do not restore the accounting and rework your financial statements for the previous period. In this option, the performance indicators that will be reflected in the reporting of artifacts will not be comparable with the performance indicators for the period before the date of joining our shared service center. This option is possible for newly created organizations, as well as for organizations whose performance indicators differ from accounting data by no more than 10%.

  • inclusion from the date of recalculation. In this case, we will restore your accounting for a certain period to bring it to uniform standards with the period of our services, and to ensure the comparability of your performance indicators. However, since we do not know the nature of your activities before the date of transition to service in our shared service center, this restoration of accounting is done only to ensure the comparability of your performance and significantly improve the accuracy of the recommendations issued. We do not accept responsibility for the recalculation period, and we do not certify such financial statements. However, if the reported balances of your accounts differ by more than 10% from those obtained during the recalculation, you will not be able to fully use all the services of BOOST Business Tuning Atelier until the resubmission of statements for the previous period.

8. When accepting a previously created organization for service, such an admission is carried out based on an act of inclusion. According to such an act, BOOST Business Tuning Atelier accepts certain balances on accounts as of the date of accession, confirmed by the results of documented reconciliations, full physical stocktaking and inventories, as well as a complete set of documentation: primary documents, accounting, and tax registers. These documents are accepted in paper AND electronic form. Please note that the presence of paper primary documents, paper ledgers, certified by the signatures of the responsible persons, is mandatory. We do not accept to render services organizations possessing only copies of accounting databases in electronic form until accounting is restored and all legal requirements are met. Documents, including accounting registers, in paper form, must contain the signature of the official representative who was responsible for their preparation, decoding of the signature, an indication of the job position, date of signing. The cost of reconciliation and stocktaking required to accept a client for service is paid by the client. If, during the preparation of the act of accession, it turns out that there are no documents: primary documents, accounting registers, such absence will be reflected in the act of accession, and the client undertakes to pay the cost of recovery and production of the missing documents in full. If, when signing the act of accession, material discrepancies and errors in accounting and tax accounting are found, then the client pays the cost of correcting errors and resubmitting the updated reporting.

9. Depending on the nature of the errors, we may refuse to include your organization into our shared economy or accept for service a newly created organization, into which you will have to transfer your operational activities, which you intend to keep records of when contacting our company. Payment for services for reconciliation of invoices and inventory is made by the client in any case, even if, based on the results of reconciliation and inventory, the client was denied service to his organization or it was proposed to create a new organization to transfer operating activities.

10. Until all critical operational and accounting problems that pose risks to our company (before joining) are eliminated, the client receives the status of a quarantine client and can use our services limited to the extent that does not endanger our business and the operations of our clients, which we do for them. The cost of resolving critical issues is paid in full by the client. Billing is made according to the price list of regular services for clients, no extra markups are charged.

Moscow, Russian Federation, May 13th, 2021.