What we do

BOOST provides an exclusive, specialized range of transaction support services to investment funds, investors, private entities, and the public sector. Knowing the real problems faced by the parties of transactions in the implementation of mergers and acquisitions, we offer an exclusive SaaS designed to eliminate these issues. Our ready-to-use service standardizes the most vulnerable stages of the deal execution. It covers the areas of transfer of title to assets and liabilities, transfer of operational and legal control, settlement of the transaction, business continuity during the transaction period and prior to business integration. Our service has been created to ensure that the parties receive what they have agreed upon under the deal, do not receive anything in excess, or don't lose something. We eliminate risks of traditional fraudulent actions which usually occur during the deal no matter who execute them - deal' parties, management of the company-targets, or their advisors. Our standardized services contain of well-trained Team, work instructions, checklists, ready-made methodology, project organization schemes, requirements for the competencies of specialists, combined with a very deep knowledge of the specifics of the subject and many years of experience in structuring and executing transactions. Without such experience, knowledge, and methodology, you may not know all transactional risks and threats. In turn, knowing these risks, we created our product in such a way as to protect you from them.


We specialize in the most difficult part of the transaction - the stage of control transfer and deal closing. Our special services were designed to ensure that during this very short and difficult period of time, you receive the full amount of assets for which you paid in the condition in which you wanted to buy them, and do not acquire unexpected unnecessary obligations.

Stocktaking and reconciliations

We conduct physical stocktaking and reconciliations confirming the existence of declared assets and liabilities and their compliance with the terms of the transaction. Our distinctive procedure allows the completion of physical inventory of all assets within 24 hours. The procedure is suitable for businesses compliant with SOX404.

Change of control

We confirm the facts of the fulfillment of the conditions necessary for the transfer of control, and we accompany the transfer of assets and liabilities, documents, and other essential business attributes. We record the business condition at the time of control transfer and check its compliance with the terms of the transaction. We accompany "Zero Day" - the day of the transaction when the parties gain in fact and lose control over a predescribed set of assets and liabilities. We support the transfer of operational and legal control over the business.


We check and confirm that the parties have complied with the agreed conditions for closing the deal. We also confirm that the condition of the asset is consistent with that stated in the deal agreements.

Completion accounts

We prepare a full set of completion accounts based on applicable accounting and financial reporting principles. They are sufficient for the deal presentation and reflection of the acquisition in the financial statement of the buyer, assets curve out if you are a seller, or other management or reporting purposes. 


We provide services to support business continuity during the transaction and immediately after the acquisition of the asset. We accompany the process of management replacement, stocktaking, transfer of assets, rights, and obligations. We perform the functions of temporary outsourcing of accounting, treasury, budget departments. That helps you to ensure ongoing business, avoid significant financial risks and property losses for your business.